Saturday, April 6, 2019

This Magic Moment

I have been focusing on my business again - taking courses & exploring what I really want to DO. And I have, as you may know, come up with a lovely, simple, heart felt WHY -

I want to bring more magic into the world.

You'll notice I said Magic instead of Happiness.

It's kind of cool, because it means I can focus on one thing - on clients or members or students or whomever will be attracted to a specific THEME, a specific world view, as it were. That magic IS.

And now I am looking at all of my future offerings and past presentations and recoloring them with the sparkles and rainbows of magic - because I do mean the enchanting, delightful, joyful, connected exploration of magic. And I feel...


Think of all the time and energy I have spent branding myself a Happiness Practitioner. Can I really abandon all of that work, all those videos, and hours of writing and figuring, and the first draft of the Happiness Book and "Today's Happiness Practice"? Can I? Can I dishonor all of that time and energy by running off with this new concept?

Well, yes.

 Actually, wait. No. I am not abandoning or dishonoring anything. At all. I am transforming, I am growing, I am rebranding

 I am jumping off of the cliff of Happiness to fly on the wings of Magic. Happiness is about creating my world, being the center of my Universe, and I... I want my world to be magical.

My world is magical. I want to share that. Express that. BE that.

And the essential Lila hath not changed. In fact, I am finding more of myself. I am dissolving the chains of guilt and habit and past truths, and setting myself free. And I am loving me.

So, the Happiness Practice becomes the Magic School. And Today's Happiness Practice (blog, vlog) becomes the Magic Moment.

Tomorrow it might be something else! I have five more B-School courses to take. And every time I open myself to possibility, I am connected with a million more new, sparkling, magic worlds.

So yay me! Yay us! For every time we allow the magic of happiness and transformation into our lives. For every time we step forward into the world we desire. For every breath in which we ARE - happy, magic, empowered, delighted, joyful, connected, awesome, amazing and unique.

Do you believe in Magic?
Do you want to?

I hope you're having a great day!

-Lila Allen